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Yes, I Tumblr!

I haven't mentioned this before but now that I'm switching accounts I thought it was time to actually let you guys know that yes - I do Tumblr! :) 

Find me at Crossover Junkie. Click image below to read your destination! :D

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Buffy/Dean - *Sigh* [animated]

Oh look! Here be art!

Last week, Buffy Summers turned 30. And on the 24th, Dean Winchester turned 32. In honor of them I'm posting the Buffy/Dean art I've done since June of last year. These are mostly unreleased, and were planned on being released as I had moved to new servers but as that's taking much longer than I thought, I figured I could instead shine a light on the characters and celebrate that they've managed to reach 30/32 without dying too many times :)

Wallpapers are for personal use (i.e desktop prettiness) only, which means no repoasting or copying.


Check out the rest here @ chosen_art 
Bella/Edward - Im a bitch deal with it

What's going on at Dana.TheDudes.Nu?

As you might have noticed in the last few months, images have disappeared around the net that was hosted at photobucket and updates have been sparce in both graphics and gallery. Those who have visited Chosen Art, the real site, know by now that I'm moving to a new server. This is taking a lot more time than I originally anticipated and I still don't know when I'm going to be located at the new place. Currently my hosting has been relocated to an "in between" server since the first one is being shut down and we don't want to let things go down for the amount of time that this move is taking. I have no access to this in between server and can therefore not make any kind of update, anywhere.

The plans my brother, who has been my host and is the original owner of, had for setting up the new server has changed from the original idea. We want to isolate my entire domain from the rest of the server because it has a tendency to be attacked more by hackers. I've also accidentally crashed the whole server many times over the years when using pretty as a PICTURE which hasn't only affected all sites but it has also killed our email since it's located on the same server. This is what brother is trying to prevent with the new server. By isolating my domain we're protecting everything else on the server should I get hacked (again), and vice versa.

When the move is finally finished, all sites will most likely go into hiatus as I begin to set them up again. The reason for this is that I've decided that it's time to let evolve and I will begin using wordpress on all sites. This will, in the long run, make the sites much easier to run and update more often since it will eliminate all the annoying coding I have to do with every update. pretty as a PICTURE will most likely go on a longer hiatus as I will no longer be using coppermine gallery after this move. It's been the standard for PAAP since it opened on September 13, 2005, but as it's a fragile system and the system that has caused most problems for us (to the point where someone actually managed to breach our security and create fishing in that section of the server, making us almost loose our ISP and be kicked out from the old server-holder). This means I will have to go through the entire gallery that contains roughly 77.000 pictures, sort everything out and rebuild everything from scratch. As you can imagine, that takes time and it is the reason why PAAP will go into a longer hiatus.

My top priority will be Chosen Art when things go down. After that both Roadhouse and PAAP will become my focus, and as things progress Chosen Productions and The Chosen One will also be fixed.

To return to my first point, the reason for all images disappearing on photobucket is very simple. I've decided that with the move, Chosen Art will begin to use a gallery-application. This will change how I present all graphics online where I will from that point on only post a thumbnail at the site/forum in question and then direct users to Chosen Art and the location of that graphic. This will help keep the ban going and not create a loophole for those who have been the reason for the ban in the first place. Unfortunately this will affect some of you, which I'm very sorry for. If you're wondering if you'll be affected by this, just try and visit one of my sites today and if it doesn't load for you that means your ISP is banned.

I am also currently suffering from loss of emails. Some of them get through, some of them get lost. So if you email me and don't hear back within a week, it has most likely not reached me. Just mail again or send me a message here and I'll get in touch with you asap.

I hope that all of you will bear with me and this move and that you'll continue to visit the sites once they return.
Buffy - Shut Up [Miles to Go]

Miles to go before I sleep

It's been almost one year since I made a video last. Inspiration seldom hits like it used to and most of the time it only gives me half a video. But sometimes.. there's this. A completed video where the muse has held my hand from start to finish.

Miles to Go
"She couldn't sacrifice Angel. Not again. So she damned herself in his stead. The life Buffy came back to is very much the same. Too bad it's not hers anymore. With Castiel by her side, she leaves Sunnydale to help stop the apocalypse, started by the Winchesters."

A series written by avamclean that I fell in love with right away. It's beautifully written and she manages yet again to capture the essence of every character. She can break your heart and make you laugh at the same time. Something that isn't easily done. This is a series I've done a lot of graphic work for in the past. You've seen everything from icons to posters to wallpapers. This series is one of the reasons I haven't quit fanart, the reason I still find inspiration from time to time. So it was only natural that the inspiration would eventually begin to poke my video-muse as well. This is the first result of that.

Ava, I hope you feel this trailer does the series justice. The music inspired me so much and I tried to do what I could to capture Buffy herself and where she is and where she's going. It's not a happy tale, and so the music is bittersweet. The same goes with the text. I wanted it to fit the mood and at the same time tell the viewer what's going on...

I don't yet know how Buffy and Dean will finally meet on earth after she was tortured by him in hell, but personally I think the shock on both their faces as seen in the video would most likely be the first emotion to register with either of them.

video will be uploaded on vimeo as well due to youtube being asshats in the past.
Sam -  Evil? Who Me?

A change of venue

I've decided to put down money on this journal again and turned it into a paid account w/ 240 user pics. The hope is that I'm going to be more active, and if I'm gonna be that then I need more icons and a better looking journal, hense the money.

I've also changed layout. It's been what? 1-1½ years since I did that. Mighty tired of the last layout, but it's been a bright fun thing to use. The new one uses a completely brand new manip I created about a week or so ago featuring Buffy and the men in her life. Of course the touch of crossover is there, how could I leave that world? The gun is another symbolism of where my preference lies and which universe Buffy belongs to in my mind these days.

I also thought the manip of the Buffybot would be a nice symbolism of this journal and the rants that it (will) contain. Because I don't feel like a complete and whole person anymore, and neither is the bot in that picture.

I hope you'll enjoy this new layout and the header that goes with it! 
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Castiel - Action!Cas

re: lj crossposting/pingbacks

What's with all the freakouts, guys? Just make sure your settings are correct over here: and your entries won't be crossposted anywhere.

If you're annoyed by the pingbacks, head here: and just choose the right option at the bottom concerning this problem.

official lj news about all this and a more in-depth explanation can be found here:
Dean - Wha happn

pretty as a PICTURE - an oopsie going on!

So I ran into a little problem yesterday regarding the gallery and my entire domain really. Been trying to update it with new screencaps from Eclipse and in the middle of it I ran into a snagg. The server didn't want to accept about 1300 pics. I tried everything to get it to eat it... until I actually looked at the error message *face!palm* - We're out of Discspace. And the funny thing is, the server is @ 100GB and about 70-80GB of that is PAAP. The rest is all my other sites, a few sites on my brother's side and the entire mail department.

So how will we fix this? Well, currently buying more disks is not an option, for a lot of reasons. So there's only one way to fix this, either eliminate things that is no longer of interest or stop updating every single site I own. Which option would you choose?

Thought so. That's my choice too! I'm currently backing up all of my screencaps and then they're going bye bye. There's over 100 000 screencap files on the site and I've noticed that they're not being used a lot by visitors, so why should they hang around eating space that could be used for so many other things? Illogical in my book.
Buffy/Dean - Saddle Up Lock And Load

Buffy & Dean - can you find them?

Buffy and Dean has just become a part of facebook. I was surprised to discover there wasn't a group for them yet. Well, now there is! :) If you have a facebook account, feel free to join in on the fun! :) Click on the image below to find your way to the group!

screenshot of the page
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