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Calling all fanfic writers

I finally got my iPad2 this weekend and I'm just as in love with it as I suspected l would be. In fact, this post is written on it :D
One big part that this machine will be used for is books and fanfics. I always wanted a Kindle but then came iPad and I figured it was a better machine as it offers up so many more areas of fun, such as movies, tv, music, web browsing, games and many more things (yes, it's coming with me to the states this summer!). But fact still remains that this machine will be used for a lot of reading (no Bre, I am definitely not abandoning books!).

So what am I getting at? Well, I'd love to get my hands on long, awesome fics. We're talking more than 10, 15, 25 chapters. I just got my hands on Kaye's "What We Cannot Have" (yes, the one I've obsessed over for years ;)) and now I'd love lots more.

Both crossovers and canon are welcome! :D just hit me with your favorites, be they written by you or someone else!

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